La Tierra Del Misterio


Cuando comenzamos a buscar dentro, a reconocernos en la gran totalidad que somos, este regalo de tener el privilegio de auto-experimentarnos en estos cuerpos humanos desde tantas perspectivas viniendo de una misma fuente donde no hay separación, ahí hemos entrado en

sintonía con la escenica de nuestra matriz, donde no hay nada que explicar o entender, donde simplemente todo es. Este gran misterio no se puede poner en palabras solo se puede sentir a través de la experiencia que siempre esta, ha estado y por siempre estará Aquí en este infinito presente.

De este sentir nace: La Tierra Del Misterio

Track 3 - Eres Un Milagro - Tributo

Cancion Original De Mi Padre Camilo Acevedo

Agradecimientos especiales a mis hermanos: 

Juan Carlos Arkawa

(Productor Musical/Arreglista)

Oba Frank Lords & N-GO Lords




When we begin to look inside, to recognize ourselves in the great totality that we are, this gift of having the privilege of experiencing ourselves in these human bodies from so many perspectives, coming from the same source where there is no separation. Here we have tuned in harmony with the essence of our source, where there is nothing to explain or understand, where everything simply is. This great mystery can not be put into words, it can only be felt through the experience that is, always has been and forever will be Here in this infinite present.

From this feeling is born: The Land Of Mystery

Track 3 - Eres Un Milagro - Tribute

Original Song Of My Father Camilo Acevedo

Special gratitude to my brothers: 

Juan Carlos Arkawa

(Music Producer/Arrangements)

Oba Frank Lords & N-GO Lords


About Fenix



Fenix es un album inspirado en el espiritu elemental sanador de nuestra madre tierra. 

''El mensaje fue recibido y entendi que el FENIX es uno de mis espiritus animales de ahi el nombre del album'' .

 Todas las canciones son originales canalizadas atraves de la alta conexion con el ser divino y el corazon, para compartir con la humanidad y tocar las fibras mas sensibles del centro despertando nuestra memoria ancestral, es un llamado a volver a nuestras raices y nuestra esencia con musica de alta vibración, mensaje e intención. 

Agradecimientos especiales a mis hermanos: 

Juan Carlos Arkawa (Productor del Album), Jesus Hidalgo (Feat Fenix track 11), T One y Paloma Devi (Coros Liberty y Angeles), Alex Issaev (Dejambe Liberty e Iluminame).



Fenix is an album inspired by the elemental healing spirit of our mother earth. 

''The message was received and I understood that the PHOENIX is one of my spirit animals''. 

All songs are originals channeled through the higher connection with the divine being and the heart to share with humanity and touch the most sensitive fibers of the center awakening our ancestral memory,it's a calling to return to our roots and our essence with music of high vibration, message and intention.

Special thanks to my brothers and sisters: 

Juan Carlos Arkawa (Producer of the Album), Jesus Hidalgo (Feat Fenix track 11), T One and Paloma Devi (Vocal Harmonies Liberty and Angeles), Alex Issaev (Dejambe Liberty e Iluminame).



Chris Orange, is a Colombian medicine musician.

His music offers prayers for ourselves, all of our relations and the land that supports us. It's called medicine music because it touches the deepest fibers of the heart to helps us heal, grow and awaken to higher states of consciousness.


Chris started his music path at the age of 6 where he began with classical piano and singing, his father was a singer and music was always around in the family. Chris' father started passing musical and spiritual knowledge to him at a very young age when he began understanding energy and what was around besides the visible. After three surgeries that strictly stopped his intake of water and food for almost a month, he was led to start his journey on a sacred path with the power of Pachamama. He awakened to a connection within himself with source.


Chris' channeling is focused on this music. He says the music he writes does not belong to him; it's a gift from the divine to share with humanity, there are cases where the songs are downloaded from the source while he channels and writes it down, after that happens he has to learn the song again, reading what just came. He uses these vibrations as a tool to move energy to allow the healing flow to happen naturally. He now projects to the circles the ancestral wisdom he has gathered from different teachers  along the path and it is guided by the understanding that this prayer is created collectively and that these ways can reshape our lives. Chris says he is not the healer; the healer is you and he is just there to open the space and allow the light to connect you to your center so that you can do the shift.


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