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What to Expect From the Experience! 
  • See colorful lights that tune your brain into desired states of consciousness. With your eyes closed, you will be able to see geometric shapes, structures, and patterns.
  • Feel sound vibrations all throughout your body with specific frequencies that reprogram your inner water with new sound data information.
The lights are specifically designed to cause the pineal gland (3rd eye) to activate. 
  • Meditation - access deeply tranquil states of being
  • Quiet the "Monkey Mind" 
  • Break undesirable states - like anger 
  • Mood shifter - change your mind & Balance Emotions
  • Access altered states of Consciousness 
  • Stunning audio-visual experience  
The Universe is all Light and Sound. Scientists have now been able to prove that matter can be created from light energy. We are literally  light beings with a body that is a transmitter and receiver of light and sound energy. 
How Does It Work? 
The light signals supercharges the brain with light energy. Light has played a central role in the treatment of various conditions e.g. mood disorders. The range of applications is unlimited. The light is a neurostimulator, which combines a stroboscope (flickering light), flexible in both, speed and intensity, with a constant light, available in different degrees of brightness. The computer-controlled interaction of these light sources activates different ways of experience seeing intense worlds of colors and shapes. Each experience is very different. 
Awakening the Third Eye- the Spirit Gland in Our Brain  
Nestled at the center of our brain lies the pineal gland, a delicate receptor of light. This small, crystalline, pine cone-shaped structure plays an integral role in harmonizing our hormonal, reproductive, and sleep cycles, all while safeguarding a profound secret. Intricately entwined with this enigmatic gland is Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a naturally occurring psychedelic compound present in living plants and mammals. Through the embrace of plants, shamans and indigenous healers embark upon a voyage into a dimension of light consciousness, signifying the dawn of their spiritual odyssey. Notably, OSL technology help to gently coaxing the mind towards accessing these heightened states.
The pineal is believed to be the seat of the soul.  The bridge to higher consciousness.  Opening the 3rd eye is the key to awakening our psychic senses, allowing access to other realms and dimensions while connecting to Spirit. 
In most adults, the pineal is calcified through chemicals in water, mercury in seafood, refined food, bromide, pesticides in food, sugar, alcohol, etc. 
Bright light at specific patterns stimulates our brain naturally and awakens the pineal gland. 
The Sound Experience 
The OSL has powerful vibration frequency. The table itself acts like a speaker sending healing frequency vibrations throughout every inch of your body. Auditory and vibratory stimulations are applied to the body to achieve physical and psychological results. This mode of therapy  is used in a wide range of settings, including some medical centers, for physical therapy, and psychiatric treatment (under the guidance of professionals), and by individual therapists.
Research from some hospitals and universities has shown the stress reduction benefits of listening to frequencies when using sound vibration trough the body. Music is not only heard through the ear, but delivered to the body directly, vibrating every part inside and out. This opens the possibility of direct stimulation and a deeper whole-body response. This transmits powerful, harmonious frequencies through the body that are both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Not only does it feel good, this specific frequency vibrations: 
Penetrate every  inch of your body, inducing a relaxation response. 
Send energy through each part of the body, energizing and leaving you revitalized.  
Helps to overcome the chaotic frequencies that attack our bodies throughout the day (noise, electricity, cell phones, traffic, etc.).
Harmonizes your body back into its natural consistent vibrational state, creating a peace that is natural to your system.
Drives energy clearing blockages and stimulating neural pathways. 

Medical Disclaimer

OSL products are NOT intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any physical or mental condition or disfunction. They should NOT be used by persons with brain or neurological disorders (e.g., epilepsy) which may be triggered or aggravated by rapid light fluctuations.

Due to the wide range of individual responses to light and sound stimulation, results will vary from user to user. Anyone with unusual sensitivity to light, especially flickering light, should consult their physician prior to using. The products described in this website are not intended for use as medical devices and should not be construed as substitutes for proper medical care. They are not intended for use as medical therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Our products are tools for personal growth and as such are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition. Products which include flickering light should not be used by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders unless so directed by a medical doctor.


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    By reservation
    North Miami Beach, 1120 NE 160th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162, USA
    Embark on a journey of light and sound, where vibrant visuals and soothing vibrations converge. Explore heightened states of consciousness, nurturing body, mind, and spirit. Elevate your experience with OSL technology
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