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El Mismo Cielo

El Mismo Cielo has many ways to see it, it translates to the same heaven or sky (in spanish we only have one word for referring to both) which can be seen as this is heaven right here and now, also this is the same sky, the same one no matter where we are we can look up and it is hugging us like a majestic neverending womb, our home as it always has been, it also refers to the the connection within ourselves that allow us to really see all of this magical beauty of our existence.


I want to honor everyone that worked on this production:


Diego Paredes / Production-Mix-Bass

William Palchucan / Winds

Daniel Amaya / Charango

Adolfo Herrera / Percussion

Carl Schmid / Violin

Roberto Graterol / Mastering

Mafe Lopez / Voice on track #2 Solo en Amor.


La Tierra Del Misterio

When we begin to look inside, to recognize ourselves in the great totality that we are, this gift of having the privilege of experiencing ourselves in these human bodies from so many perspectives, coming from the same source where there is no separation. Here we have tuned in harmony with the essence of our source, where there is nothing to explain or understand, where everything simply is. This great mystery can not be put into words, it can only be felt through the experience that is, always has been and forever will be Here in this infinite present.

From this feeling is born: The Land Of Mystery

Track 3 - Eres Un Milagro - Tribute

Original Song Of My Father Camilo Acevedo

Special gratitude to my brothers: 

Juan Carlos Arkawa

(Music Producer/Arrangements)

Oba Frank Lords & N-GO Lords


About Fenix

Fenix is an album inspired by the elemental healing spirit of our mother earth. 

''The message was received and I understood that the PHOENIX is one of my spirit animals''. 

All songs are originals channeled through the higher connection with the divine being and the heart to share with humanity and touch the most sensitive fibers of the center awakening our ancestral memory,it's a calling to return to our roots and our essence with music of high vibration, message and intention.

Special thanks to my brothers and sisters: 

Juan Carlos Arkawa (Producer of the Album), Jesus Hidalgo (Feat Fenix track 11), T One and Paloma Devi (Vocal Harmonies Liberty and Angeles), Alex Issaev (Dejambe Liberty e Iluminame).



El Comienzo Official Video
Siembra Official Video